Most who know me are unaware that I was born without proper hip joints. I was fortunate that they did form correctly, just late. This may portend to how my life would play out – extremely difficult at times but all would sort itself out and be okay. I think this is why all my stories have a central theme in them. That theme, that even if times are tough and life becomes hard and unpleasant, the beauty of love can still happen.

 Life has taught me that you cannot control what it throws at you but you can control how you deal with it and your response back. I was told and I believe, that everything you need to accomplish what you want to do is already available to you.

 As I meditated on what I could do, that belief kept circling around me and had me asking, “What do I have available to me? My immediate gut answer was my creative mind. I could create.

 I started painting words and phrases in college, not for commerce, just as a way to excise feelings and put them on paper. I returned to this during my latest trials and I found that same sense of relief. Now, I freely branch out in my painting and love turning negatives into beautiful positives.

 Another way I injected hope into my consciousness was listening to stories of love and new beginnings. These books surrounded me with feelings of endless possibilities and hope for the future which my heart craves. That’s when Anytime, Anywhere started tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “I’m right here. Don’t you want to explore?”

 Through the help and support from the writing community in Oklahoma and incalculable hours of internet searching, I have fashioned a new path that I’m now, completely enchanted by.

 I am so pleased that you have joined me for an adventure, let’s go!